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Season 12 - Summer and Autumn 2017

Each Monday and Wednesday, there will be an event: Monday Talk, Cine Club, Music Club,
Literary Club and there will be more trips around Lebanon in Spring 2018.

We are very happy (and proud) to announce our new collaboration with Minus 1, a progressive social creative space in the heart of Beirut city, Minus 1 aims to make art affordable. Minus 1 consists of a dynamic team who operate as an alternative hub that facilitates the diffusion of arts with its “Art for Everyone”. The space offers products and services to its community, providing access to curated works, intellectual happenings as well as performances and seminars by local and international professionals.

For once, we will be collaborating with an organization we share objectives with.
You will be able to meet the dynamic team behind Minus 1 during our activities.

Click Here to review Minus 1’s website.
Click Here for a map and directions to Minus 1 (3 minutes from the Mar Maroun Church parking).

Parking: in the same lot: Mar Maroun Church on Georges Haddad Street, opposite Saifi Village.
(3 minutes from Minus 1)

Entrance fee will be LBP 5000 which will include refreshments, beer and wine.

Our Events will continue as announced earlier:

1) Monday Talk: 27 November بعدنا طيبين
We lost Jean Chamoun a few months back. In 1976, and with Ziad Rahbani, he
broadcast on Radio Liban a large number of masterpieces called “Baadna
Taybeen”. The two were 19 years old then. The clips will be introduced by
Jihad Saade. They consist of visionary views by the two youngsters on the
situation in Lebanon. Many of them would be topical today. Of course, they
are also extremely funny. (Arabic).
Click Here for more details.

2) Literary Club: Wednesday 29 November
The poet, Antoine Boulad, will be moderating a creative writing workshop that
focuses on POETRY: Pandora’s Poetry and Fun Writing. The languages you will
work with can be Arabic, French or English. Join us for a creative experience. It
was in 2006 that with other friends, we started “Work in Progress”, a literary
club based on Antoine’s suggestion: to foster creativity in writing.
Click Here for more details.

3) Mon 4 and Wed 6 December - No Events -- Instead . . . .
MINUS1 are organizing an Art Exhibition:
“An Inner Scream” by Simon Mhanna,
A solo exhibition by BANZY in collaboration with MINUS1.
Thursday 30 Nov starting at 7 pm.
Exhibition will run from Dec 1 to Dec 6 from 3:30 to 7:30
All are welcome

4) Monday Talk: 11 December
Noura Alameddin: The Geishas: a Japanese Enigma Explained (English)
Whenever Japan is mentioned, the reaction is always Sushi, electronics and Geisha, the last said with a smirk or expression of distaste. Through my experience with Japanese culture Noura found that there is more to the Geisha than is generally known. In Western perception, geishas are nothing more than exotically dressed prostitutes. But are they really? What is the Flower and Willow world like and how does it function? What role, if any, do the Geisha girls play in Japanese society?
In her talk Noura hopes to give us a look into this world, its history, life style and rituals and try to debunk some of the misconceptions held by foreigners about this misunderstood and maligned section of Japanese Society.
Click Here for more details.

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