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Season 13 - Autumn 2017

Each Monday and Wednesday, there will be an event: Monday Talk, Cine Club, Music Club,
Literary Club and there will be more trips around Lebanon.


1) Monday Talk (16 Oct): The Art of Samir Khaddaj, A Close Look
An explorative / visual talk by Zéna Meskaoui. The talk presents the work of the artist Samir Khaddaje. It singles out a number of exhibitions, rather installations as he refers to them, and a limited number of artworks that will, by no means, cover khaddaje’s rich and complex personal endeavor.
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2) Music Club: (Wed 18 Oct): Great Duets in Opera
Monà Hallab is a soprano and quite passionate about Opera.
She has selected a few duets on video which she will introduce.
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3) Monday Talk (23 Oct): The Art and Craft of Political Caricatures
Armand Homsi is a weel-reputed caricaturist. He will talk about this "metier" that is both an art and a craft, dealing with the irrational in politics in an artistic way.

4) Cine Club (Wed 25 Oct): Modern Times
This is one of Charlie Chaplin's classic masterpieces. The film is overtly funny but concentrates on several serious issues that Chaplin felt modern times (especially after the recession in the USA) provided the average citizen.
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5) Literary Club: Monday 6 November
Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot
A play that has changed literature. Difficult to read in print form but most impressing if seen as a play. This film version of the play is directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. It will be preceded by a short introduction on Absurdist Theater and Beckett. (English).
6) Cine Club: Wednesday 8 November
PERSONA remains one of Bergman’s most powerful and enigmatic films. Shot in black and white, it features the tense relationship between an actress (Liv Ullman) who has decided not to speak and her nurse (Bibi Anderson). (Swedish with English Subtitles).

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