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Season 13 - Autumn 2017

Each Monday and Wednesday, there will be an event: Monday Talk, Cine Club, Music Club,
Literary Club and there will be more trips around Lebanon.


1) Monday Talk (25 Sep): The State of Food Safety in Lebanon
(Click Here for more details).
Atef will address issues of Lebanese Food Safety Authority & Sectarian Politics.
He will also address emerging preventive food safety laws and related environmental paradigms
of risk analysis and management, value chain analysis, public health and hygiene.
He will talk about the impact of environmental pollution on food security as well as
the critical issue of Food Adulteration (its laws and governance).

Lebanese Food Safety, what Next? Have we asked ourselves why passing
the Lebanese Food Safety Law came at the same extraordinary Parliamentarian session
that passed the GATCA (Global Account Tax Compliance Act) compliance laws?

2) Cine Club (27 Sep): Wanderers of the Desert
by Nasser Khemir (Tunis, 1986)
(Click Here for more details).
El Haimoune is a Sufi tale, a film based on a poem, a quest for roots, love and freedom. A young teacher arrives at a village built on the border of the desert where children have never been to school. The village is inhabited by elderly men, women, and a mysterious and beautiful young girl. The men are left to seek the boundaries of the limitless desert. The teacher is finally captivated by the shimmering world of sand and the Andalusia melody of its wanderers. In this story, magic and reality overlap to sing the beauty of the desert. (From Wikipedia). (Arabic with English Subtitles)

3) Literary Club (Mon 2 Oct): “Can Books Create Empathy, Motivation and Respect?
(Click Here for more details).
(A deep look into reading and writing such books for the young)”
Speaker: Elizabeth Laird McDowall, the author of various novels (Click Here to review Elizabeth's site).

4) Music Club (Wed 4 Oct): The Battle of the Saxes
(Click Here for more details).
A video history of the importance of the Saxophone in Jazz.
Akram Najjar
5) Cine Club (Wed 11 Oct): Lili Marleen
A wonderful film by the German director, Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1981)

6) Monday Talk (16 Oct): The Paintings of Samir Khaddaj
An explorative / visual talk by Zena Meskaoui

7) Monday Talk (16 Oct): The Art of Samir Khaddaj, A Close Look
An explorative / visual talk by Zena Meskaoui. The talk presents the work of the artist Samir Khaddaje. It singles out a number of exhibitions, rather installations as he refers to them, and a limited number of artworks that will, by no means, cover khaddaje’s rich and complex personal endeavor.

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