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5 Unusual Films whose Subject is: WOMAN

Cinema Talks > 2013 Autumn (Season 4)

Winter 2013: 5 sessions
Our films will always be presented in "themes" of 5 films each. This first theme covers films whose subject is WOMAN.
There will be no analysis and presentation, just the films themselves. A presenter from CAMA will distribute a write up about each film (which can be downloaded) and its director. At the end, a discussion will take place for those who wish. The films are unusual in two senses: 1) They are not commonly viewed in cinema halls and 2) they deal with other subjects than standard gender defence and equality of women with men.
The 5 films have one element in common: the key role in each is a Woman (sometimes several). The films are selected away from the usual social/psychological films. They all have an unusual approach. When the film is not long, we will also show a 10 minute short film before it.
Shirin Neshat (Iran): Women without Men (2009)
Rodrigo Garcia (USA)
: Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (1999)
Chris Kraus (Germany): Vier Minuten (2006) (Four Minutes)
Radu Mihaileanu (Romania): La Source Des Femmes (2011)
François Truffaut (France): Jules et Jim (1962)
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