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Music Club: Wednesday 16 November 2016 (7 - 8:30 pm)


Title: An Evening with Miles Davis

Language: English presentation

Click Here to download the presentation given on the 16th of November.
Click Here to download the play list of tracks some of which were played in the talk.

Miles Davis was born in 1926 and died in 1991. Starting his career as a young man of 19, he played with various bebop bands. Then he moved to New York to play with Charlie Parker. His life went throught the following schools and periods. (Some were not schools but just associated with great combos).

The talk will go through the following periods:

A) The New York Bebop Years  1944 - 1948
B) The Birth of the Cool (Nonet)  1949 - 1950
C) Hard Bop Period  1950 - 1954
D) The First Great Quintet  1955 - 1958
E) The Sextet    1957 - 1958
F) Collaboration with Gil Evans  1957 - 1963
G) Modal (Kind of Blue)  1959 - 1964
H) The Second Great Quintet  1964 - 1968
I) 1969 onwards . . . .

After 1969, he went electric, fusion, jazz rock, free jazz . . . the talk will not go into these.
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