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Music Talks > 2021 Winter and Spring
Music Talk: Monday 21 June 2021
Meeting open for joining at 6:45 pm Beirut Time (GMT+3 or UCT+3)
Talk starts at 7:00 pm and until 8:30

What (is) the Blues?

Akram Najjar (English)

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Profile of the Talk
The Blues is something everyone has or everyone has heard or heard of. We recognize the Blues when we feel them and when we hear them. But do we know what they are? The Blues have African roots. Their musical principles depend on a variety of factors: blue notes and scales, chordal progressions (12 bars) and various performing techniques such as swung notes, bent notes, call and response and others.

The talk will step us through the roots of the Blues, their different elements, their influence on Pop and Jazz. All will be demonstrated with Video Clips.


Akram Najjar is a graduate of AUB in Physics and Mathematics (1966). By 1969, he completed a degree in Electronic Engineering in University of Hertfordshire, UK. His professional life was spent in Information Technology and organizational management. He spent a lot of time on reengineering business and public sector processes.
When Akram was 14, he chanced upon an evening program that presented one Jazz great at a time. He was hooked in Jazz in parallel with his love for Classical music. In our earlier Season 3 and 4, he gave 2 workshops: "For the Love of Jazz" and "Ten Great Jazz Songs".

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