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Literary Talks > 2017 Winter
Book/Literary Club: 13 February 2017 (7:30 to 8:30 pm - Open to all)

Title: Censorship - The Writer’s Dilemma

Assaad Thebian (also moderator
Lucien Bourjeily
Thaer Ghandour

Language: Arabic

The Talk:
“The most important words are the words none written”. Is this a true fact? Whether you are a journalist, blogger or even a screen writer, there are things that are not being told. Why? What is the censorship that each individual undergoes? Is it self censorship? Are there topics that people are genuinely afraid to discuss? Is it the company’s or the civic system’s censorship (TV, radio, newspaper, printing house)? Or is it the state censorships?

What topics are banned by these three (individual, society and offialdom), and why? These questions and more will be the highlight of the discussion in Karaz w Laimoon’s Talk titled “Writers’ Dilemma: Censorship”.

Assaad Thebian: (Activist, Marketeer)
Lucien Bourjeily: (Theater Director)
Thaer Ghandour: (Journalist)

Assaad will be moderating the debate.

Lucien Bourjeily is a writer and director of both theater and film and a social activist. In May 2014, the general security confiscated his passport in an obscure administrative procedure called “subduing of critics” but they backed down on their decision 48 hours later after Lebanese general public outcry. That same year, for his activism against censorship on the arts in Lebanon, he was nominated for the “Freedom of Expression” award held annually at the Barbican Center in London by Index on Censorship.  www.bourjeily.com

Thaer Ghandour is a Lebanese journalist who worked for several Lebanese and pan-Arab media outlets.

Assaad Thebian is a marketing and digital media consultant and a social activist. He won the Arab Net 2013 conference Creative Combat Competition for best online marketing campaign. His blog was nominated for the best Arabic Blog in THE BOB’s Awards by Deutsche Welle magazine in 2012. He was named within top 20 influential bloggers and twitter users in Lebanon in 2011 and 2012. In 2015, he helped start YouStink movement requesting reform in the Lebanese political scene after a huge garbage scandal. He published three poetry books.
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