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Monday Talks > 2021 Winter and Spring
Monday Talk: 19 July 2021
Meeting open for joining at 6:45 pm Beirut Time (GMT+3 or UCT+3)
Talk starts at 7:00 pm and until 8:30

The Art, Science and Practice of Pottery and Ceramics
Speaker: Colette Arslan Naim
Language: English

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Profile of the Talk
The talk will follow the general outline below and will include a visit to the Atelier (workshop) of Colette where we can see actual work in progress, tools and finished products.
1 Introduction
From clay to pottery to ceramic.
I am sure many of us finds joy in squeezing a lump of clay between our fingers.
I can say, it is a humble material that keeps us in touch, even unconsciously with nature, it involves all 3 elements, earth mixed with water and cooked in a fire.
It is the fabric from which our planet is made!
2 Raw material
Preparing the clay, mixtures.
3 Forming techniques
Tools and equipment
Modelling, pinching, slab building, coiling.
Paddle and anvil, throwing, moulding.
Hump and hollow moulds, slip casting.
4 Pre-firing decoration
Appliqué, incising, carving, piercing, impressing, slip trailing, sgraffito, painting, burnishing.
5 Firing
Open air firing, kilns, earthen ware, Raku, stoneware, porcelain, oxidation and reduction.
6 The uses of pottery and ceramics.
Tiles, mosaics, roofs, bricks, terracotta, fired earth, domestic ceramics, food stuff, tableware, plates, bottles, jugs, cups mugs, teacups etc.
Pots for planting..

Colette Arslan Naim

Colette has been living abroad since 1976 and only came back to Lebanon in 2012. She lived in Belgium for over 20 years, where she studied at the Beaux art of Brussels in visual communication and history of art.

In 2000, she opened “Visu-art Gallery” in Dubai. This mainly consisted of sculptures. There, her journey in ceramics started. She had a space in the Dubai Art Center where she was working.

In 2012 she moved back to Lebanon with her family. There she started a new company that specialized in Wine Making (Chateau Qanafar). Colette handled the marketing and the sales of wine. (Her husband, Georges Naim and her son Eddy, gave a talk on Wine in one of the earliest events of Karaz w Laimoon, around 2012.

Currently Colette has a studio where she gives lessons, three times a week. Her goal is to organize a yearly Ceramics Exhibition in Lebanon.
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