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Music Talks > 2017 Autumn
Music Club: 20 September 2017
(Doors open at 6:15 - Event from 7:00 to 8:15 pm)

Title: Does it Really Take Two to Tango?
Speaker: Mazen Kiwan, Dancer and Choreographer
Language: English


Profile of Talk
Since the emergence of many studies that gave evidence of the therapeutic effects of Tango on the physical, psychological and social levels, tango has evolved from being a social dance to a subject of interest in the fields of medicine and research.

In this talk, Mazen will go through the history of tango, its origins and expansion throughout the world. He will also discuss the particularities of tango compared to other couple dances. Finally, he will explore together the different dimensions that tango can introduce us to.

Mazen Kiwan
Mazen is a professional dancer and choreographer who started his career in dancing in 1990. He has been performing as a professional Tango dancer in more than 40 countries.

He regularly visits Argentina to learn from the best maestros. He came back to Lebanon in 2013 and launched a Dance Academy. He also coaches artists and performers to help them be more aware of their movement and control it.
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