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Exploiting the Wind for Electrical Power Generation in Lebanon

Monday Talks > 2014 Winter

Monday 10 March 2014 (7:00 - 8:15 pm - Open to all)

Language: English and Arabic

Albert Khoury

Hawa Akkar : Hope and despair.

It was enough to make anyone turn their heels and leave. But not Albert Khoury ‘90. It will take much more than the notorious Lebanese red tape, the never-ending bureaucracy, the endless procrastination to deter him from his idea.
And this idea is quite a brilliant one:  install windmills in Lebanon to generate much needed power in the country.  
Wind power is currently the fastest growing source of electricity production in the world . The global wind power sector is booming year after year, due to its low cost and to being environment – friendly. The electricity generated from wind power also offers the advantage of a fixed price since it is not linked to the high prices and decreasing quantity of oil and since it contributes to reducing harmful emissions.
It’s in this context that Hawa Akkar s.a.l. is set to create Lebanon’s first wind farm. Hawa Akkar will provide energy power to aroung 60.000 homes, with a production capacity of 60 megawatts, in addition to strengthening the region’s economy and tourism through creating job opportunities. The Hawa Akkar project call for twenty wind turbines to be spaced out along a north-south ridge line that tops out at 800 meters high in Lebanon’s northern Akkar region.

Albert Khoury has many years of experience in the supervision, installation, and maintenance of wind anemometers in Lebanon. He is experienced in field work and has worked in many areas of Lebanon including the Bekaa, Hermel, Tyre, etc. He has supervised / participated in the installation of many masts, with one mast reaching 70 in height, and the installation of wind turbines.

He has a Masters from the City University in London, a Bachelor's from Université de Québec in Montreal and various other diplomas related directly to energy and power issues.

He is currently the Deputy General Manager of the Electrical Utility of Aley SAL.

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