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Music Talks > 2017 Winter

Music Club: Wednesday 15 Feb 2017 (7 - 8:30 pm)

Speaker: Dr. Georges Haddad (AUB)

Title: Bach's Instrumental Music: Fugues and Beyond

Language: English / (supported by Arabic)

Profile of the talk:
Bach's output cannot be covered in a life time. It takes a J. S. Bach to do that. This talk will achieve the impossible: a quick tour of the instrumental works of J. S. Bach. His importance here lies not in the compositions as much as in how Bach made each instrument blossom on its own. Before Bach, if the Violin soloist was sick, the concerto could be played by the Oboist, and so on. Bach's composition for instruments brought out the beauty of each, the limits of the design and techniques of playing and composition which are still valid today.

Dr. Haddad will go through a variety of video clips showing compositions that expose that.

Dr. Georges Haddad

Born and raised in Lebanon, Dr. Haddad is a Neurosurgeon with varied interests such as music, art, philosophy, writing and mathematics. He truly believes that Dostoyevsky was right when he said: “Beauty will save the world” and as such what could be more beautiful than music. He came to classical music when his aunt offered him for his birthday an LP of Aldo Ciccolini playing selected piano pieces. He was eight at the time and never recovered from this early encounter! To his everlasting chagrin, he does NOT play any musical instrument but compensates by enjoying the whole gamut of music from country to opera and back. This being said, he specially enjoys immersing himself in the beautiful infinity that is Bach’s music.
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