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How our Choices are Hijacked by Media and Architecture

Monday Talks > 2013 Winter

Monday 8 April 2013 (6:00 - 7:30 pm - Open to all)
Language: English (+some Arabic and French)
Find out how language is used to manipulate, influence, deceive and compromise our decision making capacity. Learn why we operate on auto-pilot without realizing we are doing it and how it is made "oh so easy" for us to be in auto-pilot mode.
The media entices us with hidden subliminal messages, subconscious sexual images and music calibrated to excite specific emotions and responses. We become fascinated and hypnotized while we think we are in control of ourselves.
Even more subtle are the design or questionnaires, online registration forms and the all-important ‘DEFAULT’ button. Have you ever considered why the ‘doorway’ of certain companies and stores are designed the way they are or why food is arranged the way it is in self-service restaurants.
Unless we recognize the power of the media and the architecture around us we may not realize how our choices are being hijacked on a regular basis. Come and find out how to switch from ‘auto-pilot’ to ‘personal choice’ mode.

Fay Niewiadomski is currently the founder and CEO of her own management consulting, training firm, ICTN.
She has done extensive work on attitude change through Theatre and directed tens of theatrical productions, taught interpersonal communication skills, creative writing and media courses during her years in university as a professor at AUB and LAU and as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at NDU. Fay is a recognized International Consultant, Trainer and VIP Coach who has authored some historic speeches for public figures in Lebanon.

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