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How to Influence and Persuade People

Monday Talks > 2016 Winter/Spring
Monday 9 May 2016 (7 to 8 pm - Open to all)

Speaker: Riad Dimechkie
Subject: How to Influence and Persuade People to say "Yes"
(What are the mental shortcuts we use in making decisions and how do they harm us)

Language: English

To download the Presentation Click Here.

"We live in a complicated and demanding world and we are limited in our ability to evaluate all our choices thoroughly and logically; so we rely on automatic responses, gut feel and shortcuts, and focus less on a detailed analysis of all the information available to us.
This leads to faster decision-making, but we need to be aware that we can be, and often are manipulated by salespeople, politicians and con artists who have a vested interest in exploiting our tendencies and need for shortcuts.
The course will explain how and why we make rush judgments and how certain tools of influence and persuasion may be used to our advantage; or if we are not careful, used against us."

Books of interest:
Dan Ariely: Predictably      Irrational (Click Here to view it in Amazon)
Daniel Kahneman: Thinking      Fast and Slow (thorough analysis by winner of nobel      prize for economics) (Click Here to view it in Amazon)

Riad N. Dimechkie:
Since 2007 Mr. Riad Dimechkie has been the Director of the Executive MBA program at AUB where he oversees and coordinates all activities related to the program.  He also teaches courses in Business Context, Judgment and Decision Making, Leadership and Reflection and Strategy.
Prior to AUB, Mr. Dimechkie had a career in strategic management consulting in Europe and in the US.  In the US, his consulting practice focused on top management strategic issues for several major US-based corporations including Kellogg, Heinz and Nestle.
Mr. Dimechkie was also Chief Executive Officer of two successful multi-million dollar US-based companies from 1985 to 1994.
Mr. Dimechkie has a B.A. in Economics from the AUB; received an MBA from INSEAD; and attended the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School.  
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