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Monday 28 November 2016 (7 to 8 pm - Open to all)

Title: How to Start Getting Fit after a long Period of Inactivity

Speaker: Ramzi Naaman
Language: English with Arabic support

The Talk
If you want a better life, physical movement is the “ON” switch. Keep in mind that you can be in the best shape of your life even if you are over 55. You can have a great shape and lead a healthy and very active life. This is doable even by people who have never been involved in exercise.
However, this requires sustaining the motivation and the discipline. That by itself is a mental exercise that helps bring together mental and physical preparedness.
The talk will guide you through the simple steps to restart you active life, but steps that require determination all the same.

Ramzi Naaman
Ramzi Naaman is 55 years old and has been a keen athlete since the age of 19. Ramzi has been involved in practicing a variety of sports. Ramzi holds a master degree in public health with a special focus on health education. This involves looking at behavior change and the introduction of health practices. A committed marathon runner, Ramzi is a certified fitness instructor which involves an integrated process of looking at the screening of the client, developing an exercise program, and introducing changes in the life style leading to healthy outcomes. Ramzi is also a certified Kickboxing instructor and referee at local and international levels.
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