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How to Install and Use ZOOM

1) First time users of ZOOM
Open your browser with zoom.us
SIGN UP with your email and a new password. (Not your email’s password).
Registration is free
Download and install the ZOOM app (to your Mac, PC, tablet or phone).
Run it and enter your email / pw

After that, the app will run directly

2) How to Register when we send you an invitation
For each event, we will email you a Registration Form.
It will contain details about the subject, time and date of the meeting.

How to register: if you wish to attend that specific meeting, use the REGISTRATION LINK in the email message.

How to join a meeting: after you register, ZOOM will automatically send you a confirmation message. It will contain an INVITATION LINK you can use to join the meeting on the indicated time/date.

Maximum seats: ZOOM only allows a max of 100 participants per meeting. If 100 have already registered, sadly, ZOOM will decline your registration. (Unfortunately, we are still not sure how we can setup a waiting list. We are working on it).

To cancel: should you decide that you do not wish to attend, refer to the registration confirmation message. It contains a CANCEL link that allows you to cancel your registration.

3) How to Join a Meeting
We will “open the meeting” 30 minutes before the announced event start.
Use the link in the confirmation email to join the meeting.
You will be able to chat and talk to other participants until the meeting starts.
Once you join the meeting, your VIDEO and AUDIO will not be muted.
You will be able to join, see the other participants and talk/chat to them.
At the announced start of the event, the host/speaker will mute all videos and audios. This will give him/her the silence needed for the talk.
Every 10 – 15 minutes, the host/speaker will unmute video/audio for quick questions.

4) The Two Views in ZOOM: SPEAKER View and GALLERY View
View 1 SPEAKER VIEW: allows you to see the GUEST SPEAKER in an enlarged screen. Use this view to follow the presentation as the GUEST SPEAKER will be showing you screens and it is best to have the large view.
View 2 GALLERY VIEW: allows you to see a large gallery of other participants including the GUEST SPEAKER. This view is good if the meeting is in an informal phase and people are talking to each other.
Switch: if you do not see the enlarged screen, try this WINDOWS short cut (not sure how to do it on a MAC or an iPAD): press ALT TAB and you will see ALL open windows. Select the view that you want.
Switch: you can also see at least 2 ZOOM icons on the lower task bar. Click on them to activate the view that you want.
Switch: from one view, you can go to the other. In View 1 you can hover on the top right hand corner and see the GALLERY VIEW. It takes you to View 2.

In View 2, hover in the same place and you can see the SPEAKER VIEW icon. That will take you to View 1.

5) Your Control Panel
Purpose: to manage your life as a participant

In either view, hover your mouse or swipe over the bottom of the screen and you will see the Control Panel:
Maybe the extreme left Mute will not be shown (if the GUEST SPEAKER has muted everyone). In either case, you will see an up arrow.
TEST AUDIO (under the MUTE icon) use the up arrow to get a menu. It has a TEST AUDIO entry. Test it to make sure we can hear you.
The Control Panel gives you the following functions:

MUTE Audio / STOP Video
PARTICIPANTS … if you click on it, you will get a long list of participants including yourself
CHAT takes you to a chat panel where you can communicate with the GUEST SPEAKER or other participants (if allowed)
SHARE SCREEN allows you to share your screen with the GUEST SPEAKER or other PARTICIPANTS
REACTIONS allows you to clap your hands to say “great stuff” . . .
LEAVE MEETING allows you to exit the meeting. (You can return with the same invitation, if the 100 seats have not been filled)

6) THE Chat Panel
This is important too. You can chat privately with others or with everyone.
Chat Text Field
The bottom of the panel has the text entry field. Remember to decide if the message is for EVERYONE or PRIVATE to a specific participant or GUEST SPEAKER.

7) How to Raise your Hand
You can also see a few actions at the bottom. The most important is the RAISE HAND. If clicked, the GUEST SPEAKER will see a RAISED HAND in blue on your video box. HE/SHE can then answer you privately or in front of everyone.
Look at the MORE button for more facilities.
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