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Music Talk: 15 May 2023

Meeting open for joining at 6:45 pm Beirut Time (GMT+3 or UCT+3)
Talk starts at 7:00 pm and until 8:30

The Healing Music of the Shaman Icaros
Speaker:     Rani Bitar
Language:  English

To register for the ZOOM talk, click on this link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email to be used on the date/time of the meeting.

Alert: if you do not receive a confirmation email, get in touch with Karaz w Laimoon (Click Here).

Profile of the Talk
Plant medicine Icaros are powerful songs that are an integral part of traditional shamanic practices in the Amazon rainforest. These songs are believed to be channeled directly from the plant spirits and are used to guide and heal the participants during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Icaros are sung in a specific rhythm and melody. Their lyrics are often in indigenous languages, making them a profound expression of the shamanic worldview and the connection between humans and the natural world. The use of Icaros is deeply rooted in the Amazonian culture and represents a valuable cultural heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The talk will answer these questions, providing musical samples when needed:

1. What Are Ayahuasca Icaros & How Do They Work?
2. Where Do Icaros Music and Lyrics Come From?
3. How Do Icaros Work?
4. What Are Icaros Used For?
5. What is plant medicine?

Rani Bitar
Rani is a certified Master Coach who began his journey in the Health and Wellness industry 5 years ago and became passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. So, here’s how it all started.

During his teenage years, like many young adults, he went through some hardships and experienced multiple losses that lead to panic attacks and health complications, to the extent to which he had to visit a psychotherapist.

He underwent therapy, from which he learned a lot about himself, his thought process and most importantly, how to tap into his subconscious mind and only allow positive thoughts through the door separating it from consciousness. This sparked an interest to learn more about psychoanalysis and self-healing, and teach anyone about the secret of living a happy and fulfilling life.
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