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Music Talks > 2022 Winter
Music Talk: Monday 28 February 2022
Meeting open for joining at 6:45 pm Beirut Time (GMT+3 or UCT+3)
Talk starts at 7:00 pm and until 8:30

The Role of the Clarinet in Jazz
David Marks (English)

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The Profile of the Talk
This talk is a follow on from an earlier talk about the Clarinet in Classical Music.
It covers the development and musical evolution in Jazz of the clarinet as one of the most versatile and expressive of musical instruments.
It is hoped that many of those who heard the first part of this survey will enjoy the manner in which the instrument was adopted by different and emerging cultures initially in the Caribbean and then principally in New Orleans followed by Chicago, each acting as an integral element in the origins and growth of jazz. Although the term Dixieland is sometimes used to describe traditional jazz it is in fact misleading. The musicians themselves invariably restrict such references to the relevant place names at least when considering early jazz, e.g. New Orleans jazz or music.

David will illustrate his talk in musical terms with a wide variety of styles running well into the modern era and will use a large selection of photos, pictures and videos which he hopes will be enjoyed by all. Because of the relative breadth of the subject this part will be slightly longer than the first part which ran for about 90 min. David hopes that everyone will stay for the last track which he is certain will enchant and delight anyone and everyone who loves music of whatever kind.

David Marks
David is a retired UK lawyer (and long ago, a one time amateur clarinetist). David is now living in Beirut. Thanks to his Lebanese wife, he has been coming to and relishing this country and the surrounding region for over 25 years.

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