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Report on the The Party and the Guests

Cinema Talks > 2023 Season 18
Cine Club: Monday 10 April 2023
Film Starts at 7:00 pm (Beirut Time GMT+3 or UTC+3)
Please come earlier than 7, say 6:30 to get good seats and order your drinks

The event is conducted in collaboration with . . .

There is no need for registration
There is no entry charge . . .
However, you are expected to order at least one item

See Location of Abajour below (Click Here for Google Maps)
(As you drive down Sami Es-Solh street going towards the Tahwita or Amnel Aam,
turn right before you reach HERTZ) . . . after 100 meters, the restaurant would be on your right

Title: A Report on the Party and the Guests
Jan Němec (Czech Republic)
Czech (Eng S/T)
1 hour and 11 min
Key Actors:
Ivan Vyskocil, Jan Klusák, Jiri Nemec


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Synopsis: (adapted from IMDB Click Here)

Distinguished by being "banned forever" in its native Czech Republic, Jan Němec's "A Report on the Party" is a great film from the flowering of the Czech cinema in the 1960s. It is a political thriller that satirizes unquestionable conformity. A group of happy picnickers are accosted by a group of strangers led by a bullying sadist who has an unbreakable hold over his followers. After he interrogates one of them, a stranger then invites everyone to a nonsensical, but elegant and formal banquet outdoors. Němec documents the process of self-deception and rationalization which lead to an acceptance of constraint; free will and freedom are seen as difficult to maintain and easily discarded. The affair is bizarre, and ends when one of the guests (played by film director Evald Schorm) chooses not to remain and escapes. His compatriots agree that he must be recaptured, and the group arms and hunts him down. The film concludes with the nightmarish barking of search dogs.
Written by Fiona Kelleghan <>

Director: Jan Němec (adapted from Wikipedia Click Here)
Němec's career as a filmmaker in the late 1950s when he attended FAMU, the most prestigious institution for film training in Czechoslovakia. At this time, Czechoslovakia was a communist state subservient to the USSR and artistic and public expression was subject to censorship and government review. However, thanks largely to the failure of purely propagandist cinema in the early 1950s and the presence of important and powerful people within the Czechoslovak film industry, such as Jan Procházka, the 1960s led to an internationally acknowledged creative surge in Czechoslovak film that became known as the Czech New Wave, in which Němec played an instrumental part.

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