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Monday Talk: 9 May 2022

Meeting open for joining at 6:45 pm Beirut Time (GMT+3 or UCT+3)
Talk starts at 7:00 pm and until 20:30

Pangolins are People Too
Speaker:     Richard Peirce
Language:  English

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Profile of the Talk
This talk is based on Richard’s successful book Pangolins, Scales of Injustice published by Penguin. The book reads like an adventure story and takes the reader on a journey which explains the plight of the world’s most trafficked wild mammal.

In February 2020 scientists started to believe that a pangolin may have been the vector through which Covid 19 got to humans. Subsequently the weight of scientific opinion has moved away from this theory.

Yet, there are many who still believe that a pangolin consumed in China could have been the world’s most expensive ever meal!

Richard unpacks this area of discussion and examines why China and the Far East are the major threats to African wildlife. His talks have been described as emotional journeys and he has spoken in person to audiences up to 1500 people.

Richard Peirce
Richard has been a well-known conservation activist for over 30 years and in the first part of this period sharks were his main focus. He was chairman of the Shark Trust for many years and founded the Shark Conservation Society which he also chaired for many years.

He is primarily a communicator and has written successful books on sharks, lions, elephants, rhinos and many others. As well as being an author he is a freelance journalist and filmmaker and last year at the Jackson Wild Media Awards his film Lions, Bones & Bullets won best film in the informational and educational category and he was second to David Attenborough in the presenter led category. The Jackson Wild Awards are recognized as being the Oscars equivalents in wildlife and natural history filmmaking.

Published Books

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