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Panzer: Broken Silence

Cinema Talks > 2014 Winter (Season 5)

Date: 20 February 2014

: Broken Silence

Director: Wolfgang Panzer
: 1995
: English (French Subtitles)

Duration: 106 minutes
Key Actors: Martin Huber, Ameenah Kaplan, Michael Moriarty

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Mouawad Museum (Beirut, Lebanon)

Link to IMDB: Click Here
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: (from WIkipedia, Click Here)
The Carthusian monk Fried Adelphi has spent 25 years in a Swiss monastery, keeping his vow of silence and meditation, when his prior instructs him to go and seek the owner of their monastery, in order to extend an expiring 100-year lease. The owner is a vulcanologist; she now lives a secluded life in the mountains of Indonesia. Released from his vow of silence, Fried starts his journey and experiences the culture shock to be expected already in the plane: he loses his wallet, which his seat neighbor, Ashaela, an African American drummer from New York, silently takes. Suffering from claustrophobia, Fried leaves the plane at the Delhi stopover, to continue his travel by sea, but now he has no money. Ashaela offers him a ride to town. Thus begins a journey that will take them both to various parts of India and to Indonesia. Fried must learn to adapt his dress rules to the Asian climate. Ashaela eventually admits the origin of the travel funds. We learn she suffers from an incurable disease and may die anytime now. The Carthusian monk throws overboard what is too much of monastic rules and habits, and with Ashaela's help, he eventually fulfills his assignment. Soon after, he cremates the woman's body at a palm tree oceanfront, according to her will, but against his own religious beliefs and a Church interdict. Before ending his journey, Fried goes to New York, to bring back a pair of drumsticks to Ashaela's friend. Then Fried visits a local church to confess. Here begins the film: the Carthusian confesses piece by piece what happened to him and what he did; the impatient New York priest listens only reluctantly at first, then becomes gradually interested. The viewer experiences the road movie at the same pace, in flashbacks.

Wolfgang Panzer: (From IMDB: Click Here)
Wolfgang Panzer was born in 1947 in Munich, Germany. He is a director and writer, known for Broken Silence (1995), Bill Diamond - Geschichte eines Augenblicks (1999) and Der grosse Kater (2010).

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