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PCs, the Internet, Smart Phones and Tablets

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Winter 2013: 4 sessions
Language: English (+assisted by Arabic and French)

The workshop provides attendees with a gentle intro into our current communication devices: computers, smart phones and tablets. Hadi will present tips on how to use and not misuse such units.
Session 1: Correspondence with PC, LT, Cellphones and Tablets
Introduction to computers, cellphones and tablets (evolution & contemporary generations - Mac, PC, smartphones)
SMS & emails (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
Sending big size attachments: Drop Box, Google Drive, Sky Drive, etc.
Programs & applications: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Tango
Oral & written correspondence etiquette
Session 2: Social Networks and Multimedia
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Forums
Useful managing tips for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
Uploading and downloading media
Text, video and sound conversion for compatibility
Phone and tablet applications: Instagram, Cartoon Camera, Dermandar
Social media ethics
Session 3: Device and Online Safety
Internet evolution & forms of content
Internet ethics
How to be safe: avoiding spam, fishing, malware, viruses, cyber bullying, etc
How to "heal" your computer
Storage, back up and recovery (folder organization, USB, External hard disk, Clouds)


Hadi Damien has a diploma in translation and languages, and is currently completing a new BA in Interior Architecture. Theatre practitioner for the past 13 years, he also handles cultural events, sets up the concept, monitors the production, and takes charge of both the communication and the media coverage of the diverse happening genres: plays, openings, signings, launching, etc. On another note, Hadi is currently in charge of the Lebanese Cultural Delegation to the VIIes Jeux de la Francophonie of Nice 2013.

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