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The Perseides Meteor Shower Night Trip
Sunday Evening 12 August 2018

Click Here to download the presentation

Departure: 5:30 pm boarding buses and 6:00 pm (evening) departing
Bus Location: Parking opposite Virgin Megastores, downtown. (Click Here for map)
Return: we hope to be back in the Parking around 1:00 am (Sunday late at night).

The purpose of the trip is to observe the yearly intense meteor shower called the Perseides.
Each year on the 12th of August, the Earth passes through the path left by the comet: Swift‑Tuttle.
This results in around 100 meteors per hour.

This trip is organized in collaboration with

  • The Baaqline National Library
  • VIA Lebanon
  • The Shouf Cedars Reserve

The Schedule

Click Here to view the map / directions of where the buses will depart.

Option 1: Charges for the Full Trip (or Trip on Bus from Baaqline): LL 40,000 (LL 20,000 for youngsters)
This covers the full trip, the lecture and the light dinner.
(Payment on date of trip)
You can also meet us in Baaqline and join us on the buses, the same charge applies for the reserved seats.
To registster: Click Here for the full trip or if you wish to meet us in Baaqline.

Option 2: Charges for the Lecture/Dinner only: LL 20,000
To cover the lecture and the dinner only.
(Note that you can drive behind the buses if you wish).
(Payment on date of trip)
To registster: Click Here for the lecture/dinner only.

For more information, kindly contact:
  • Akram Najjar                03-206805
  • Ghazy Saab                  03-522415
  • Rajaa Ghossainy           71-824122

Click Here for Location of Buses and Departure and Return point in Beirut Downtown (Opp Virgin Megastores, Downtown).
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