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Read ALOUD (your writing) - (Session 1)

Monday Talks > 2014 Winter

Monday 3 February 2014 (6:30 - 7:30 pm - Open to all)
Language: English / Français / عربي

Speaker: Members of the Audience / membres du public /كُـــتّـاب من الجمهور

For a session of 2.5 hours, Karaz w Laimoon are inviting writers (published or unpublished) to read some of their writing. Each slot will be a maximum of 20 minutes where the writer can recite ALOUD something that was written in any of these languages: Arabic, English or French. It can be in any genre: poetry, essay, fiction, memoires, etc. as long as you avoid controversial issues. It can be from any period: your yout or fresh off your pad.

In the past, similar evenings provoked closet writers to "come out" and admit that they've been writing. Some went on to publish.

Please join us by registering below (or Click Here to join the 3rd of March Monday Talk). The current registration is in the following table.


لمدة ساعتين ونصف سيقدم فريق عمل كرز وليمون عدة كتابٍ (منشورين وغير منشورين) لقراءة أعمالهم. سيتاح لكل منهم عشرون دقيقة لقراءة نصوص بإحدى هذه اللغات: العربية, الإنكليزية او الفرنسية. ويمكن للكتاب تلاوة نصوص شعرية او روائية او مذكرات ومقالات من اية حقبة من حياة الكاتب او الكاتبة على شرط ان يتفادى القارئ المواضيع الميالة الى نزاعات اجتماعية

وفي اختبارات سابقة استفزت هذه السهرات بعض الكُتاب الى الظهور اول مرة امام جمهور مما أوصل بعضهم لنشر كتاباتهم

انضموا الى القُراء في هذه الحلقة (اوالتالية في 3 اذار - أنقر هنا) باختيار الوقت المناسب لكم والتسجيل عبر النموذج ادناه

Karaz w Laimoon a le plaisir d’inviter des auteurs à participer à une séance de lecture de leurs oeuvres (publiées ou non publiées). Chaque lecture ne devant dépasser vingt minutes. La séance durera deux heures et demi.
Les auteurs pourront lire à haute voix en arabe, anglais ou français des oeuvres de tous genres: Poèmes, Essais, Mémoires, fictions, etc..
Auparavant, ces soirées avaient encouragé des auteurs timides à se redécouvrir et à admettre qu’ils écrivaient. Par la suite, certains ont même publié leurs oeuvres.
Si vous désirez participer à cette séance ou a la suivante le 3 mars: cliquer ici), nous vous prions de bien vouloir vous y inscrire. Ci-joint vous trouverez le formulaire d’inscription.

The session was a success and included the following readers/writers:

1) Saeed El Hassan (reading from his poetry - Click Here to Download)
2) Patricia Nabti (reading from her work in progress: a book on The Alphabet of Volunteering)
3) Faisal Abu-Izzeddine (reading from his book: Memoirs of a Cedar)
4) Jasmina Najjar (reading from her book: Beirut Knights)
5) Luder Artinian (reading from his collection of aphorisms and short sayings -
Click Here to Download)
6) Ghada Saifeddine (reading a story she wrote published in Rusted Radishes)
7) Akram Najjar (reading from his collection of stories: The Last Rectangle and Other Short Stories -
Click Here to Download)
8) Ass'ad Thebian reading from his collection of poems:
اللهو اكبر

Here are some photos from the evening:

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