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Are we Reading Literature the Right Way

Literary Talks > 2021 Winter and Spring
Literature Talk:
Monday 1 March 2021 (7:00 pm Beirut Time)

Are we Reading Literature the Right Way? If not, How Else?

Downloads: Click Here for the Video (500 MB) and Here for the Presentation (3 MB).

Language: English
By the end of the 19th century, the rise of social sciences (later psychology) affected Literature. In spite of the rise of other more adventurous schools, reading and analytic techniques based on realism are still in use today. Akram will present an approach based on Roland Barthes’ 5 codes (in S/Z).
The talk will show how codes were adapted as transformative processes to allow us to read literary works in a more global fashion and through a wider angle. These “machines” are then used to analyze Robert Forst’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”.
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Akram Najjar
Akram is a graduate of AUB in Physics and Mathematics (1966). In 1969, he completed a degree in Electronic Engineering in University of Hertfordshire, UK. His professional life was spent in Information Technology. When he was 11 years old he was sick for 6 months. His mother, Souad, introduced him to Classical Music, which became a life long love. (Later on joined by Rock and Jazz). Unfortunately, after an initial tuition of 18 months, he did not continue his piano studies. During this long sickness, he got hooked on reading which later on developed into a love for literature and philosophy.

Through his love for music, he became an informed and dedicated amateur. At AUB, he took many courses in philosophy and literature. He used the analytic and critical approached he learnt in these fields to arrive at a critical understanding of music and literature.  

Akram has published a few literary works (, several technical books (, and 4 puzzle books (
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