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Monday Talks > 2017 Winter
Monday 6 February 2017 (7:30 to 8:30 pm - Open to all)

Roads for Life
How can a Community Make Roads Safer?

Mrs. Zeina Kassem
Language: Arabic - لغة التقديم: العربية

Mrs. Kassem will Tackle the reality of Road Safety in Lebanon from her personal experience. She will present the path of the battle fought to endorse the New Road Safety Law in Lebanon.
She will also present the view point of Roads for Life on how to provide for Secure Roads that protect the lives of all Lebanese citizens. She will share with the audience the mission of Roads for Life and its goals in an attempt to promote the” Culture of Rescue.”
Roads for Life is an NGO that has specialized since 2011 alongside with emergency teams, nursing teams, medical teams all over the country and in collaboration with leading institutions in Trauma Care in the United States and Lebanon.

Roads for Life: Mrs. Zeina Kassem

Mrs. Zeina Kassem is a social activist, the founder and president of “Roads For Life” NGO since June 2011. She graduated from the American University of Beirut with a political science diploma. Mrs. Kassem lost her 17-year old son Talal after he was run over by a raging driver on his way to school four years ago, yet despite her huge loss, she decided to make a difference and start the Talal Kassem foundation to “promote road safety and provide road and any accident victims the optimal support for post-trauma care”.

Roads For Life and Mrs. Kassem, along with governmental entities, achieved the ratification of the new traffic law in 2012. She has been a pioneer by making sure that prehospital providers, nurses and physicians, have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide top-quality trauma care in the critical moments following injury. Through “Roads For Life”, she brought to Lebanon the ATCN (Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses) and PHTLS (Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support) programs. All these programs are financed by Roads For Life.

Roads For Life, is currently working on improving post trauma culture, locally and regionally, by implementing the post trauma data system in Lebanon in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health.

Mrs. Zeina Kassem and Roads For Life are proud members of the Global Alliance of NGOs for road safety.
You can find Roads For Life on twitter through @RoadsForLife, on Facebook through, and on
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