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Music Talks > 2020 Spring
Wednesday 29 July 2020
8:00 pm meet opens. 8:15 pm talk starts (Beirut Time GMT+3)
All are welcome

Language: English
Speaker: Kyle Chōmei Helou

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Profile of the Talk
The Shakuhachi is an end-blown bamboo flute that originated in China around the 7th century, practiced among Zen practitioners to attain inner peace.
It is through breathing that we come to life and experience the realms of creation.
The mind wanders and we drift along the flow of the Universe.
Seeking to understand our purpose in life we attempt to experience the world in many different ways.
From there, traditions and cultures are born.
The tradition of the Shakuhachi leads us to Honkyoku, the inner sound revealed through our breath and gentle friction on the Shakuhachi.
The breath leads us to ourselves where we may rest with the oneness of sound, the universe: The Infinite Light.

Click Here for a YouTube clip of Kyle playing the Shakuhachi . . .

Kyle Chōmei Helou

Kyle is a philosophy graduate from Villanova University.  He focused his studies on Far East philosophy and Zen, the essence of harmony and inner peace through breath and meditation.
Having already started training in two traditional Japanese arts since the mid 90’s, Kyle moved to Tokyo, Japan, in 2000.  There he deepened his knowledge through the practice of those arts, which specifically focus on breath and meditation.
In 2008 he graduated as a master instructor of both Shotokan Karate-Do and Shakuhachi, which he currently teaches.
Although differing in content, both arts emphasize the same devotion in perfecting and joining technique with breath, mind, and body in order to attain inner peace.

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