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Cinema Talks > 2020 Spring (Season 14)
Wednesday 24 June 2020 (Open to all)
8:00 pm meet opens. 8:15 pm talk starts (Beirut Time GMT+3)
All are welcome

A Festival of Short Films

Speaker:     Akram Najjar
Language:  Films have mixed Languages

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In the 60s, there was a movement based on showing collections of short films in one group. They used to have one theme. For example, Spirits of the Dead consisted of 3 shorts by Roger Vadim, Federico Fellini and Louis Malle each based on a short story by Edgar Alan Poe. Soon after that, the short film became an important genre.

In the past few years, and due to strong commercialization of film production, the short film lost its producers but not its public. The variety of output is massive consisting of animations, cartoons, real life films, short talks, etc. In this session, Karaz w Laimoon is happy to present a large number of such shorts each one taking anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes.   

Here are the films to be shown (not in order of projection):

Click Here for some reviews of the films.

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