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Theater between Life and Art

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Spring 2012 (4 sessions)
Language: English (assisted by Arabic)
Answers the questions about theatre: why, who, where and when, and about the basic need for theatre in society.
Session 1: Theater is an Art / Theater is Life
A brief retrospective focusing on the major theater movements, rituals,
celebrations and performances. The evolution from Catharsis to Psychodrama.
Open debate about the purpose of Theater and the need for it in society, accompanied with exercises and demonstration.
Session 2: The Three Basic Elements of Theater
The actors, the audience and the theme/play
The art of the actor: Body, Mind and Soul. Talent, Technique and the Creative Process.
Movement, Voice and Feelings. Improvisations.
Session 3: The Script
Audience/Actors interaction. The Empathy Effect, the V Effect. Communion and Transcendence. Improvisations. Elements of Script, Theme/Plot, Situation, Characterization, Action, Improvisation, other arts related to the Theater.
Session 4: Exercises
These are based on the work in the three previous sessions, leading to a final performance of scenes by the members of the group.

Maurice Maalouf: The dream, the will power and the plan for positive change. These were and will be the driving forces in Professor Maalouf`s life and professional career. The love to communicate, share and interact with people all over the world, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, culture and language.
As actor, Professor Maalouf has appeared in many leading roles in Theater, Film and Television, screened locally and internationally. He was also the Director of several classical, modern and experimental plays. He has participated in several Arab and European Festivals.
Parallel to his professional work, Professor Maalouf has had a rich academic career in teaching Theatrical Arts and Performing Arts courses at the Lebanese University (LU), the American University of Beirut (AUB), St. Joseph University (USJ) and the Lebanese American University (LAU). Many of his students have become leading artists in Theater, Television and Film. Together with him they have organized festivals, seminars and artistic activities aimed at bringing together young people to share experiences and interact. Through the arts they would bring change towards a better and more peaceful society.
For him the question remains: How to make the world a place for mass communication, culture and arts, instead of mass destruction, violence and wars? Professor Maalouf`s dream goes on, his determination is as strong as ever. He sees no end to the motivation and encouragement of young generations to strive for a better life, for a change that leads to a bright and happy future.

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