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Videos of Previous Events

22 April: Beethoven's 5th Symphony (Akram Najjar)
Click Here for the presentation on Beethoven and his innovative techniques in the 5th Symphony
Click Here for the analysis and performance of movements 1 and 2 (with subtitled commentary)
Click Here for the anlaysis and performance of movements 3 and 4 (with subtitled commentary)
29 April: the Ultimate Thinking Machine (Dr. Haddad) - Click Here
6 May: Lebanese Maritime Heritage - Click Here
20 May: Rhapsody in Blue. Click Here 557 MB).
27 May: Waleed Howrani's talk. Click Here to view/download it. (950 MB).
3 June: The Lure of the Masbaha (Najib Takieddine). Click Here to view/download it (410 MB)
10 June: Logical Card Tricks (No Deception):
Here are 4 zipped files with the tricks: detailed clearly and documented by long and summarized procedures.
A) Click Here for documentation and ebooks.
B) Click Here for the INTRO and Tricks 1-6. (335 MB).
C) Click Here for Tricks 7-13. (280 MB).
D) Click Here for Tricks 14-19. (300 MB).
17 June: Read Aloud 6. Click Here (850 MB)
1 July: Personal Status Laws in Lebanon. Click Here (700 MB)
For the Audio Track on its own, Click Here. (60 MB).
8 July: The Illusions of Cannabis Legalizations. Click Here (460 MB).
15 July: Are there Illusions in Music? Click Here (500 MB).
29 July: The Shakuhachi Flute (Japanese) Click Here (700 MB)
16 December: Beethoven's 250th Anniversary: Violin Concerto. Click Here (550 MB).
6 January: Yasmine Dabbous's talk on the Art of Healing. Click Here (550 MB).
13 January: Hicham Bou Nassif's talk on the Arab Spring, 10 Years after. Click Here (750 MB).
21 January: Julian Azkoul introduces the United Strings of Europe. Click Here (750 MB).
25 January: Grace Rihan Hanna introduces the Beirut Rebuilt Heritage Rescue 2020. Click Here (450 MB).
1 February: Akram Najjar asks what is Revolutionary about Bob Dylan's Songwriting.
Click Here for the presentation Video (700 MB) and HERE for the PowerPoint presentation + Animated Songs (95 MB).
7 February: What is the Blues? Click Here for the presentation and Click Here for the Video.
8 February: Jad Azkoul introduces Carlevaro's Revolutionary guitar playing techniques. Click Here (1 GB).
15 February: Zena Meskaoui talks about Lebanon Art Stories. Click Here (600 MB).
22 February: Picasso's Guernica. Click Here. (550 MB).
1 March: Are we Reading Literature Right? Click Here for the Video (500 MB) and Here for the Presentation (3 MB).

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