Karaz w  Laimoon

Monday Talk: Mon 11 March 2024
7 pm (Beirut Time GMT+2)

The Impact of the 7 Human Systems on our Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Speaker: Jad Naissi
language: English
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The Talk

The body is a complicated machine. Seven major systems in our body are responsible for most of the physical and emotional pain we experience during our lifetime. 

Any dysfunction in one of these  systems can affect the other systems and would be responsible for most of the inflammation or lack of blood circulation, causing symptoms like pain, swelling, discomfort, etc.... 

How is that? This is what we will be discovering in this talk.    
Here are the names of the 7 systems

Muscoskeletal system
Nervous system
Lymphatic system
Spinal system
Proprioceptive system
Digestive system
Respiratory system

Jad Naissi

This is a journey testament to my unwavering commitment to holistic health and wellness.

Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Lebanon, my early passion for sports  and a pivotal family incident inspired him to pursue physical therapy. Through years of education and hands-on experience in diverse settings,  I honored my skills in different areas of fitness, health, pain management, lifestyle and wellness awareness along with developing a complete
understanding of sales and communication

I successfully operated multiple years,, specializing in pain management,  stress relief, and holistic healthcare from learning from top mentors,  Healing and working with patients and in professional and holistic  environment My past experiences included working with hospitals, clinics,  gyms, wellness and alternative centers lead me to Develop my own  center.

In 2019, I realized my goal by opening a clinic in Beirut, offering  comprehensive services and completing my Doctor of Physical Therapy  (DPT) degree along with linguistic NLP and mbraining to help guide my  team for better sales and outcome .

Despite facing challenges in Lebanon, building resilience and experience  led to the creation of three impactful models on the market for any  company and HR representative to look forward for. By overcoming personal and logistic challenges, I have shaped myself as a
Well-being strategy solution with a profound understanding of the mind-body connection.

Mission and Goal

My portfolio aims to demonstrate my unique blend of healthcare expertise in the human  body, wellness center management, and skills in NLP, sales psychology, and mBIT for  enhancing corporate decision-making, quality, and productivity.

My mission Aligns with decision-makers, HR professionals, and business leaders seeking
comprehensive well-being strategies focusing GCC and influencing the MEA region.

My failures and experiences has helped me take better actions in my life as a person and  business owner specially in critical timing and the worse conditions.

My programs can help spread awareness and fix all blind spots in the corporate world,  helping to reset the environment and creating more awareness on a physical and mental  level for every individual working in the organization and helping with aligning the collective  consciousness of the team inside the organization that will lead to resolving problems,  making right decisions with effective communication with minimum damage, maximum  performance, and leveraging all Resources. 

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