Karaz w  Laimoon

About Us

Karaz w Laimoon is an informal operation whose mission is to conduct a variety of cultural talks and workshops on the following subjects: culture and social awareness issues. The name reflects our subjects: Karaz (cherries in Arabic) symbolizes the cultural and leisure activities. Laimoon (lemon in Arabic) symbolizes the bitter aspects of social awareness. The subjects are given in depth, but the approach avoids academic delivery and controversial subjects.

In 2010 two of us joined group discussions in AUB's University for Seniors. Akram ended up giving 3 classical music workshops. Other friends were introduced: Lama Tyan, Dr. Hassan Ramadan and Cesar Nammour. Cesar was already giving Art Appreciation workshops in RECTO VERSO, the Art Bookshop in Monot Street, Beirut.

With time, both Cesar and Akram felt that they needed a wider scope of operations. They decided in summer 2012 that a new venture should be launched. The Robert Mouawad Private Museum was the location of choice. This was the new name given to the Pharaon Palace in Qantari. This Palace is steeped in heritage: it was where the first Lebanese Flag was designed. The management of the Museum was very welcoming, flexible and highly cooperative. They gave us all the facilities that we needed.

Throughout 3 seasons under the name of RECTO VERSO in the Mouawad Museum (Spring 2012, Autumn 2012 and Winter 2013), a total of 65 events took place. The past Monday Talks are summarized under this page (Click Here) and the workshops under another (Click Here). These were very successful.

By mid Spring 2013, Cesar Nammour and Gabriele Schaub decided to concentrate on a new new venture: MACAM, the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Alita. In Summer 2013, a new team met and continued activities for 3 more seasons. Karaz w Laimoon was born with wider objectives than the earlier two ventures and a wider team managing its operations. By end of Spring 2014, the number of events had risen from 65 to 120!
In summer 2014, the Worldwide Association of Alumni of AUB (WAAAUB) invited us to conduct our activities in their clubhouse in Mary Dodge Hall (AUB). This collaboration started in September 2014 and after the completion of 82 events, finished in June 2016. Later on, we collaborated with the AUB Alumni Association (AAA).
Karaz w Laimoon is made up of a core team and a group of friends that assist our work. We also consider our members as part of our team. Our members have been very helpful in the past: inviting new members, introducing us to new speakers and helping with new ideas and suggestions.