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Monday Talks > 2016 Winter/Spring
Monday 18 April 2016 (7:00 to 8:15pm – All are Welcome)
Title: If in Danger, What Would You Do?
Speaker: Tarek Shoughari
Language: Arabic / English

Notice: the event was wonderful and for those who wish to continue with SYSTEMA, here are some contacts:

Peter Melki, CEO
Multilevel Pro
03-668-332 or email here.

Tarek Shoughari (the only certified SYSTEMA trainer in Lebanon)
7094-3603 or email here.

The Talk
SYSTEMA is an urban self defense. It concentrates on how to defend yourself using very simple natural actions which any one can do but no one had thought about - - - all this is based on bio-mechanics breathing and psychology and their mix.

The aim of the talk/workshop is to show people how much not being in danger is easy! AND how much being in danger is also easy! But you can chose what you want based on how you recognize yourself.

The talk is a practical workshop and will be informative. Males and females will be encouraged to participate and discuss about SYSTEMA where every one will benefit. The workshop will present a mix of issues that would surprisingly find their way to peoples’ brains and they would feel part of it.

Note that females are welcome to this workshop as they can equally benefit no less than any one else.

Tarek Shoughari
Tarek started learning martial arts when he was 5 years old then got stuck SYSTEMA which awakened him to not only understand himself more but to also understand people more.
Tarek has 2 black belt in karate, 2 black belt in jiu jitsu and 5th black belt of hapkido. He has traveled to Russia to continue his higher education of SYSTEMA Russian combat science. He become highly ranked in SYSTEMA and survival under extreme conditions. He has given more than 35 seminars, local and international. He is also specialized in criminal psychology from the SYSTEMA tactical perspective. Tarek is also head of SYSTEMA Lebanon.

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