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The Power of Gemstones

Monday Talks > 2014 Winter

Monday 19 May 2014 (7:00 - 8:15 pm - Open to all)
Language: English

Since the beginning of time, human beings have looked for ways and means of protection against evil, fear, sickness as well as for ways and means to attract love, wealth, health and success. That's how humanity encountered the power of gemstones ... Samar will talk about the key gemstones, their origins and their assumed power.

Samar Salam Lawand is a librarian and is continuously energized by the power of the gemstones. She is an ex-owner of a gemstones shop, and still holds the function of a designer. She has collected the information through several channels out of which some remarkable outcomes can be realized and touched. In this talk, Samar will share with the audience some of her collected information and experience.

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